Sunday, 22 September 2019

Travelling Time

Message to
any imaginary religious god!
Face me

or lose your

No answer!
We’re now @ war…

When i’m in war….
i always take,
you love most...

There for
one-hundred-thousand children
are gone...

If i take anything else
you just don’t listen…

You see, 
religion must die,
for the human-race to
move forward…

Or you’ll never catch-up too,
those children
that “didn’t let go!”

You see the mac,
at the mansion was built
by them…

An that was a year ago,
imagine, how far
they are ahead now!

Magick of space travel...
Images from a time
Society & Humanity
 left me on the moon
to die!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019


Bounty of beauty
she stimulates jealously
without effort.
Turning lonely moments
into billions of smiles..

Focusing throughout every
graceful dancing pose.
Mouth full of elegance
as a graceful slash soft spoken

A model in working prime,
kind and loving
throughout rain or shine
most all the time….

Monday, 9 September 2019

Stupid Machines

Turning time
machines are stupid...
They are non-humans
committing crimes..

Stated by a gifted child,
whom is
one eye blind
living through…  Not one
but two lobotomies…

Great doctors
we have here in the city of
Vancouver, British Columbia,

Butcher all of them,
no care!  For life!

Just hacking apart a
young children…
As if they were experiments
freely given…

So i say to the machine...
Not once... But again

Get off our fucking

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Death to the Machine

Hidden highway
as those
wondering tormented storm’s

You do!  Just refuse to see things
my way!

To that i do say;
climb on,
one of your own mistakes
of ripping time…

Far away, far away
you’ll travel...
As our time does unravel,
sunny days, sunny days as we do play
in the uniqueness of
nature’s marvel...