Saturday 7 December 2019

Business Community of New York

ifinn you can’t find a way to bring me to your city, so that I may
participate alongside your community…

I will look elsewhere, like overseas…

I am sure about those in the desert, would enjoy what I bring
to the table of business and the power of war!

Friday 29 November 2019

The Only Way

Human love
driven to be lasting blind
something has

happen within
our time…

Tired waiting for
little one...............................

Wink Blink and and all
those kisses
you wish,
guess the place
little one.....

i heard the car with
no flags….
Would that be your's
President Trump?

As i have said,
year after year,
send the jets hit everything
for miles…

Sad love, is now
rain from high

What can you do?

Time is not running
out for me,
but it could be
for all of you….

Merry Christmas

Friday 15 November 2019


Marching time
youthful image
of those unforgiven 


Twisting rhymes
youthful privilege
of those given

in todays
truly imaginable

Thursday 14 November 2019


mixed throughout

an in their humanality
in their insanity…

See through
their sexuality
within their

in their own


Monday 4 November 2019

Our Day

We’re in a quiet
shifting dream, as we
envelop our icy reflection…

In those lonesome cold stares
of love…

The stagger of footsteps
amongst youthful

Their sounds drift upon
green soft leaves,
as they
play their way down...

We wander excitedly
stimulating brilliance,
now found in all youthful minds,
our loving emotions
nestle into their orastated

Dreams and thoughts
of love float
upon the breeze.

The crashing seas
can be heard ahead...

Now we all crash down
to our knees,
for evening of
delightful pleasure..

The scent of erotic
ecstasy, clings
nicely to the warm
loving breeze,
drifts out

to sea...

Sunday 3 November 2019

All Sides

Well kids,
the adults have finely
got to me..

That they dids!

So to be, or not be...
i hope to see,
you shortly...

On the frozen lake
toadly free…

i just can’t take
it any more…

They’ve been
doing their bestest
to turn me
inside outest..

Kind of like
a President
i’ve known…

We’ve been going
up hill
for thousands of years,

Very unknown….

As we play the game
of a star filled life...

We walk the streets
neither needs
a double edged knife…

So kiss kiss,

please kick the cat an
slap the dog
for me….

toot a loo

Wednesday 16 October 2019


Freckled light
as words crept,

what a
shivering sight...

A cool darkness
drifted, quietly
an ran soundlessly..

The beginning
of a harsh winter …

As we give it away
to the shadowin
the dripping
of sunlight..

Words trapped!
Floating between
and beautiful enough
to dance
eching the darkness..

And light
enough to bounce
in the coolness
of night..

That’s enough now,
let’s head back to
the car…….